Pink Hair and Weird Science

Posted: April 14, 2011 in glasses
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“Megane Danshi″
part 2: Szayel Aporro Granz & Dist the Reaper

spoilers abound. you have been warned.

Szayel Aporro Grantz

Szayel Aporro Grantz

Even though I think Mayuri Kurotsuchi of Bleach is probably the king of weird science, he doesn’t wear glasses so he doesn’t count. (hahaha.) He is pretty freaky looking, and at least these two are nice to look at. Who am I talking about? Bleach’s (and Mayuri’s enemy) Szayel Aporro Granz and Tales of the Abyss’ Dist the Reaper. I could also add Professor Stein in here from Soul Eater, but he’s is in a league of his own, and he’s not a flamboyant, pink haired weirdo like these two.

Both of these guys are hardcore into science and their research, caring little for others, and being quite sadistic in their personalities. They’re also both ego-centric and sport pink hair-dos.

Szayel is the 8th Espada in Aizen’s team of arrancars, or hollows who have obtained soul reaper powers. (Aizen’s an evil jerk, and I’m glad that he no longer wears his glasses after he became said jerk.) Szayel monitors enemies by planting bugs on fellow arrancar which record the spirit particles of their enemy during fights, so that he can analyze them in case he ever has to fight them. He also likes to keep his enemies’ bodies intact, especially if they have a special ability, for research.

Okay, that may be normal for science elites, but what about Szayel makes him weird? First off, he swallows his Zanpakuto (sword) to enact his abilities instead of fighting with it. He’s stated before he’s not much of a fighter in that way. Szayel also makes dolls of his opponents, by having them be swallowed by one of his “wings.” These dolls are basically voo-doo dolls filled with voo-doo organs that he snaps to do internal damage to his opponent. He can also asexually reproduce himself within the womb of an opponent, which makes him “the perfect being.”

Then he gets annihilated by Mayuri in a very epic battle. At least he was pretty to look at.

Dist the Reaper

Dist the Reaper

Dist the Reaper, or Saphir Ortion Gneiss, from Tales of the Abyss, is one of the 6 god generals (similar to Szayel’s position). He is a childhood friend of another Megane Danshi and scientist, Jade Curtiss. As partners, they were involved in a research project that was eventually abandoned and condemned by Jade, though Dist never gave it up. Because of this, his alliance changed.

He fights using robots, and never engages in combat directly. So why is he weird? His personality. He sits on a floating chair all the time, insists on being called “Dist the Rose,” and spends most of his fight scenes engaged in a hilarious squabble with Jade who refers to him as “Dist the Runny.” Eventually he is done in by Jade in a very sad manner. You can tell Jade didn’t want to, but it seemed like something he had to do to bury his past once and for all.

So which one do I like better? Sorry Saphir, I’m not into purple lipstick and feathered coats. Szayel takes the win.


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