Futago: Twins!

Posted: April 21, 2011 in random articles
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Hitachiin Twins

Kaoru (left), and Hikaru (right) Hitachiin

spoilers abound. you have been warned.

A subject I relate to: Twins, or in Japanese, Futago! I am also a twin. Her name is Alicia, and she is also a Japanese and anime fan like me!

If I say Hikaru and Kaoru, you might think of the Hitachiin twins from Ouran Highschool Host Club, right?

These two trouble makers go on a self discovery journey in the Host Club, started by Tamaki’s persistence in playing the “Which one is Hikaru” game and inviting them to expand their world by joining the Host Club. Their borders are further broken down when Haruhi reveals she can tell them apart based on their personality, despite them wearing hats and dying their hair.

Hikaru is generally more outspoken, and a little more dense in the emotional state of others. Kaoru is more observant, reserved, and gentle.

Kaoru (left), and Hikaru (right) Mido

Now what about the Mido twins from Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase? They’re also named Hikaru and Kaoru. Weird, right?

These two little girls are basically elemental mages (World of Warcraft analogy, sorry ^_^) and are the cousins (and betrothed) to the the main character Kouhei (Kaoru) and their cousin Seiji (Hikaru). Whether the betrothals are serious or not is debatable, but it does strike a lot of initial animosity toward Hazuki (the title character) who has a strong tie to Kouhei.

Their names are not the only things in common with the Hitachiin twins. Kaoru is shy, quiet, and a bit of a crybaby, while Hikaru is outspoken and somewhat aggressive. Though similar dynamics exist between both twins, the difference is more obvious between the Mido twins.

In comparison, my twin and I are more like the Hitachiin twins; she is more reserved than I am, but our dynamics are not as pronounced.

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