The star that could not return to the heavens

Posted: April 24, 2011 in glasses
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“Megane Danshi″
part 3: Loki/ Leo the Lion

spoilers abound. you have been warned.



Loki, or sometimes spelled Loke, is a fascinating character with an intense backstory, from the anime/manga Fairy Tail. Though he doesn’t wear prescription glasses, he is always wearing light colored sunglasses, so it counts.

Loki is introduced as being just another Fairy Tail mage who also happens to have a healthy interest in women. In fact, he usually has several girlfriends at one time. Despite this, he is extremely respectful of women and will always wholeheartedly defend a woman who is being mistreated. He is also revealed to be terribly afraid of the main female character, Lucy, because she is a Stellar Spirit Summoner. The fear is written off by fellow guild members as Loki once having had a bad experience dating one. But, its so much deeper than that.


Loki's true form as Leo the Lion

Loki has his own two episode arc, 31-32,  and his entire past is revealed. He himself is a Stellar Spirit named Leo the Lion, one of the twelve golden keys that corresponds to the Astrological symbols, the most powerful of the Stellar Spirits. Lucy discovers that Leo was owned by an infamous Stellar Spirit summoner by the name of Karen Lilica. Karen had multiple boyfriends at a time, just like Loki did with girls, and he even admits to picking up that lifestyle in remembrance of Karen. But unlike Loki, Karen was cruel and heartless, especially toward her Steller Spirit Aries. She passed her off to boys she didn’t want to deal with, used her as a shield, even struck her, and then threatened to keep her summoned for a week straight which was thought to torture a Stellar Spirit, if not kill them. Coming to Aries rescue, Leo forced himself out and Aries back, and he demanded Karen free them or he wouldn’t go back to the Spirit realm. No matter how much Karen tried, she couldn’t force him to go back.

After 3 months of being in the Earth realm, Loki is able to deal with the physical ramifications of being in the world he doesn’t belong. He decides to forgive Karen for now, but continue to protect Aries if the need ever arose. Upon returning, he discovers that Karen attempted to do missions without the use of her Stellar Spirits, as she could not summon more than one at a time, seeing as Leo was already active. Unable to defend herself, she died. Leo couldn’t return to the spirit realm, after having caused his master’s death.

Fast forward three years, and his time in the Earth realm is up, and Loki’s beginning to fade from existence. When Lucy discovered what had happened, she tried coming to his aid by forcing the Leo gate open. In doing so, she roused the Spirit King, and demanded he change his mind. She summoned all of her keys at once, something that takes a lot of power and strength to do, and tries to convince the king that protecting your friends is not a sin. The king reconsiders and allows Loki to return to the Spirit realm as Leo the Lion. Now Leo serves Lucy as his new master.

  1. Zilly says:

    I Love LOKI!!

  2. AwesomeGurl! says:

    Lets see Leo the Lion is great and has a great back story too! Lucy is awesome and she fights like the others to me! In my opinion for Loki i think that he is a great celestial spirit and both of them a great team… Now have I said too much?

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