Anime Review: Moon Phase

Posted: April 26, 2011 in reviews

no spoilers here.

Moon Phase

Hazuki, aka Luna

Moon Phase (Tsukuyomi) is about a vampire girl who is rescued from her captivity in a castle by amateur photographer Kouhei. After she bites Kouhei, she is freed from her servitude and chooses to follow him home, claiming him as her slave. Unbeknownst to her, and the rest of the vampire community, Kouhei is the “Vampire’s Lover,” or a human who, once bitten, will free vampires from their wills. The rest of the vampire community is outraged by him, and want nothing more than to bring Luna home. Luna, or Hazuki, learns what family really means, and that its not just all about blood (pun fully intended).

For me, the anime started slow. I got to episode 5, and then I stopped watching it over a year. Recently, I picked it back up and forced myself through it. After another episode or two, it began to pick up and get a lot more interesting.

Overall, it was worth a watch. The Neko-mimi (Cat-girl) shenanigans gets old really fast, but its not horribly distracting. And there’s Seiji Mido, a megane danshi, whom I will have a post on later. There are about two arcs, and about half way through the anime is a major plot shift which separates the two. Though the “first” final battle is entertaining, the last one is less than stellar and ends almost too abruptly. On a positive note, there is a wrap up episode (25) which was really nice.

Episode 26 is an encore filler, and I could have done without seeing it. The characters seemed to be either too much in character or completely out of character, and the whole episode was complete nonsense.

Another downside is that some loose ends are never tied up, especially when it comes to Kouhei’s mother. They appear to get close to an answer, and it may be inferred as to what happened, but no definite answers are given.



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