Bilateral symmetry is what I love aesthetically

Posted: May 5, 2011 in honorary glasses
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honorary megane danshi badge“Honorary Megane Danshi″
part 4: Death the Kid

spoilers abound. you have been warned.

Death the Kid

Death the Kid

From the anime Soul Eater, Death the kid is the only son of the Grim Reaper himself. Even though he’s also a grim reaper and doesn’t need to train as a weapon user, he asks his father to enroll him in the school. The school, DWMA, is a training academy for weapons (people who turn into weapons) and meisters (people who use those weapons).

Though Kid has no need to train weapons, because he has fighting and magic abilities of his own as a grim reaper, he actually uses two. His father gave him lots of weapon options, but he declined all of them on the basis that they would make him unsymmetrical. Then, one day he has a run-in with two gangster sisters who can both transform into pistols. They try to rob him, but instead become his weapon partners.

Kid shoots upside down

Kid shoots upside down

One of the most kick ass things about Death the Kid is the fact that he not only dual wields pistols, but dual wields them upside down. He shoots with his pinkies. Awesome, right? Can you pull triggers with your pinkies? I didn’t think so.

He is also incapable of using one gun without the other, because it makes him unsymmetrical. Kid has a crazy OCD when it comes symmetry. Despite being an excellent marksman and an intelligent fighter, the presence or absence of symmetry can affect his ability. On a mission to kill a witch in Egypt, he wont shoot at a sarcophagus because of the beautiful symmetry it possesses.  Its not until the mummy comes out, with a disfigured face, that Kid goes on a blind rampage because he’s not symmetrical and therefore, ugly.

Death the Kid

another photo of Death the Kid, because I feel like it

He’ll also halt a mission or refuse to continue a fight if he sees something break symmetry, changes the symmetry of his body, or if he thinks he forgot to fold the toilet paper into a triangle (yes, I’m serious). When Kid is kidnapped (horribly sad, I know…), he’s incapacitated by the enemy (who knows his OCD) by ripping off one of his sleeves. He also bails out on a fight with Black Star, because a near miss with the swing of an axe chopped an inch off of his hair on one side.

The first episode that he’s introduced, the OCD with symmetry got extremely annoying. His target escapes because he gets worked up over a symmetry break in his partners’ stances. But, the symmetry obsession becomes both an interesting fight mechanism and huge comic relief. One of the most hilarious scenes is the big written exam. Kid spends the entire duration of the exam writing his name. He has a short monologue while he obsesses over why he can’t draw a straight “k.” Then, as he tried to erase it again, he accidently rips the paper, has blood expel from his face, and passes out on the floor. Needless to say, he failed the exam. Not that he needs to be in school anyway. Video’s below or here.

Lines of Sanzu connecting

Lines of Sanzu connecting

But aside from his OCD, he’s actually a very smart kid. He spends most of the anime on his own adventure looking for the connection between an ancient scientist/ inventor and his father, the Grim Reaper. He questions his fathers motives and plans and does his own investigation. The near-end battel between the Kishin (main antagonist) and the Grim Reaper (his father) ends in a heartbreaking reaction from Kid, who jumps in after to pick up where his dad left off.

Something else thats striking about Kid is his Lines of Sanzu that only encircle half of his head. Kid’s tried on several occasions to dye his hair black to hide them, to no avail. In desperate situations, the lines start to connect and insane power starts to unleash. Each time this happens, a crack appears in his father’s mask. It’s still early in Soul Eater, so there’s no explanation as to why that happens yet.

Another awesome thing about Kid: his English voice actor is Todd Haberkorn, who also does voices for Hikaru Hitachiin from Ouran and Natsu from Fairy Tail.


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