Posted: June 10, 2011 in my life

That means “sad” in Japanese. The reason for that: I cracked the screen on my laptop a week ago, my computer that I do ALL of my design work, blogging, writing, and job hunting on. So my entries will be at a stand-still for at least another week. 😦 All of my material and photos were on there, and since I’m using computers that are not my own, I can’t get them.

In the coming days/weeks after I get my laptop back, I hope to have Clannad finished, start some entries on Voice Actors who I admire (starting with Vic Mignona and Todd Haberkorn, following with Luci Christian, Laura Bailey, and Greg Ayres), and some more Megane Danshi: Kabuto Yakushi (Naruto) and Akane (Soul Eater Not!).

So, sit tight and watch for the new posts!


-Felicia, aka Fifi the Ninja


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