Manga Review: Delinquent Cinderella

Posted: June 28, 2011 in reviews
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Delinquent Cinderella

Delinquent Cinderella

no spoilers, just my hunches.

I happened upon a new manga this morning, and I was almost late for work from getting absorbed into it. Delinquent Cinderella, now 12 chapters long, is a Korean manga, and the names of the characters are a little hard to follow for me because of it. Despite that, the manga plays up a ton of mysterious back stories and hidden agendas. There’s also a GIGUNDO love triangle, and there’s no telling who will end up with who at this point.

The main character, Lee Nan Hui, is a badass high school student caught in a ton of family drama with stern grandmothers. She becomes a transplant to Seoul in the first chapter after the grandmother she lives with can no longer deal with her trouble making. Living under her rich other grandmother (her father’s mother) with her mom and brother, the family atmosphere is tense and … weird? Her brother, Un Ho, is the same age as her. Apparently, he hasn’t seen her since they were kids when she left to move in with her other grandmother. I have a guess at an adultery somewhere along the way. The father has not been shown at this point, and the only thing we do know about him is that he was born and raised in wealth. Her grandmother constantly chides her for her behavior, but she refuses to back down to her.

When I say this girl is a badass, I mean it. Lee’s first day in Seoul, she kicks the crap out of a couple of guys who were beating on someone. She meets Gong Meong, the student everyone respects and fears at the school. She starts to drive him nuts, because she ignores his demands to be respected. He’s the other character that’s seen in some of the other cover shots. Both of them are rough around the edges, so to speak.

The love triangle in this manga is borderline ridiculous, but I like how unpredictable it is. A guy introduced in the first chapter (I can’t remember his name) is shown as being deeply affectionate toward Lee Nan Hui. It’s obvious he cares for her, and he’s constantly making comments about waiting for her. But then there’s Gong Meong who gets under her skin. They seem to be set up as the main couple in the story line because much of it revolves around the pair of them, as well as the cover artwork. But, it’s a well known fact to all the characters that he’s been in love with Min Wa Ram, an exceedingly popular and gorgeous girl at the school. Unfortunately, even though she cares about Gong Meong, she’s in love with Baek Jae Ha, a family rival of his. He treats her like crap (even though he’s generally a much nicer guy than Gong), so it’s assumed he’s only dating her aggravate him. And he also seems to have his eye on Lee Nan Hui. Crazy, right? So there’s no telling who ends up with who.

It’s still early, so everyone’s intentions and personalities haven’t been fully displayed yet. And there’s a great deal of missing backstory, like Lee’s father and her same-aged brother. If I could pick at this point, I’d want Gong Meong with Min Wa Ram, and Lee with the guy from her old school in chapter one.

I’m curious to see how this all pans out and how Lee will eventually stick it to her hateful grandmother.


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