Breaking News!!

Posted: June 29, 2011 in random articles

I’ve never been this excited… ever! My brother’s fiance is back home in Japan, and she sent me a link of a new comedy drama starting in July. OURAN HIGHSCHOOL HOST CLUB is going live action!!! Love it! I can’t watch the trailer, unfortunately. It won’t let me, because I’m not located in Japan. Kanashii!! But I am now following them on twitter, even if I have to use google translate to read it. Starting July 22nd, I’ll be stalking the internet for the English sub title version. So far the cast looks great, except that I wish Tamaki and Honey were more blonde.

  1. Gigglepud says:

    I actually don’t feel very excited here, I’ve had a bad experience with life action. But if this is a blast, then Ouran would set the record of introducing me to anime, manga AND Japanese life action. Wow XD

    • fifitheninja says:

      For me too, I’ve never had a good experience with something going Live Action. In this case, I feel that Ouran is too epic of an anime to screw up. Going into it with the notion that it’s probably not going to be AS good as the anime was wise. I do thoroughly enjoy the live action. And now it’s going to be a movie!

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