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honorary megane danshi badge“Honorary Megane Danshi″
part 5: Dr. Spencer Reid

spoilers abound. you have been warned.

Dr. Spencer Reid

Dr. Spencer Reid, FBI Behavior Analysis Unit

Okay, so I’m sure you noticed really fast that he isn’t an anime character. I must confess I spent a great deal of my time lately watching more Criminal Minds episodes than is probably humanly sane. It’s also probably why I’ve been having a ridiculous number of serial killer nightmares, thanks to watching them so late at night. Curse you Ion Television and your midnight marathons!! Now I’ve been getting smart and started DVRing them. But the episodes accumulate fast. I think I’ve got 5 of them recorded.

But, anyway. What I’m basically saying is that I’ve betrayed anime for a bit in exchange for a live action honorary “Megane Danshi.” Gomenasai! (Sorry!) I also apologize for the fact that I’ve only seen probably a little more than HALF of the episodes out there. And I’ve seen a fair few. But, of course, there’s six seasons, with a seventh coming in the fall. Needless to say, once I get rambling, there may be things I miss (if you’ve seen them) because I’m limited to what Ion and A&E decide to play any given day. I’ve completed almost all of season 4 (save for the last five episodes that I have on my DVR). And I’ve seen most of seasons 2, 3, and 5. I caught a few eps from season 1, and I haven’t seen a single one from season 6. So bear with me.

Anyway, again. Yay for tangents! Dr. Spencer Reid is a member of the Behavior Analysis Unit (BAU) in the FBI. He and his team members put together profiles of killers in order to narrow down and find the culprits. They utilize clues from the crime scenes and witnesses to make inferences as to the murderer’s personality. While the entire main cast of the BAU are phenomenal from character to casting, I find Reid to be the most intriguing.

Dr Spencer Reid

Dr. Spencer Reid

Essentially, he’s a genius. He’s got an IQ of 187, holds three PhDs, reads entire novels in a matter of minutes, and has an eidetic memory that allows him to recall images, words, and events exactly as they happened. He’s also extremely awkward socially, which makes for some hard to watch scenes with the ladies, and he’s shrouded in an almost painful stigma of not being normal. He’s been accused of being undiagnosed autistic, and he struggles with the threat of mental illness setting in. It also doesn’t help that he was a twelve year old prodigy in a public high school, which got him into some serious bullying. His confidence relies solely on facts. Feelings, even artistic interpretations, have little relevance to him.

Spencer’s mom (who is played by the ever awesome Jane Lynch) is a paranoid schizophrenic, and she was a college literature professor. His parents split at a young age, and knowing he couldn’t help his mother, he had her institutionalized when he turned 18. A large part of his growing up is revealed in season 2, and then further information is revealed in season 4 when Reid starts to realize his dreams of a murdered kid are actually a memory of a neighborhood boy on his tee-ball team.

Through the course of the show, he’s 23-27 years old, depending on the season, which is extremely young for a BAU member. His boss from seasons 1 and 2 used to introduce Reid as “Dr.” in order to gain the respect of others in spite of his young age; a habit the rest of his team members still continue.

The best episodes to watch Reid are any that involve an unsub (unkown subject, aka, the killer) with a major psychotic break. In fact, Reid seems to play major roles in episodes where the unsub has a split personality, or teens/ kids with neurotic tendencies. In one episode he actually says, “I know what it’s like to be afraid of your own mind.”

My absolute favorite episode is Season 5’s “Uncanny Valley,” which involves a psychologically damaged woman who was traumatized by her father at a young age. The way Reid figures out what happened to her just by the position of certain children’s toys on the father’s bookshelf was an epic T.K.O. And then Season 4’s “Amplification” where he discovers the location of the anthrax, and bars his partner from entering the building so that only he is contaminated, was heart breaking. And then when he called Garcia, their tech girl, to have her record a message for his mother in case anything happened, I was near tears.


Yes, he wears glasses.

Speaking of heart breaking. The absolute worst episodes are a two-part special in Season 2. Reid is kidnapped by the unsub, who has multiple personalities, and is drugged (by the murderer’s “good side” to numb the pain) and tortured (by the unsub’s “vengeful” side). It was incredibly hard to watch, and I spent the majority of part 2 watching it through my fingers.

And look! Behold! He can transform into a Megane Danshi! Though I can’t classify him as such, as I haven’t seen him in an episode with them yet. I think he only wears them sporadically in season 6. I honestly don’t think they’re showing re-runs of season 6 yet. If anyone knows of a site that has them in good quality and no time cut off, please let me know! I’ve seen other Reid fans raving about the episodes “Corazon” and “Coda.”

Spencer Reid is played fantastically by the very adorable Matthew Gray Gubler. Can you believe he was also the voice of Simon from Alvin and the Chipmunks? Yeah me either. Simon was always my favorite chipmunk as a kid, guess I was always a fan of glasses. hahaha.

Ok, now back to your regularly scheduled cartoon programming.


Star Collection Page 1

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Page 1

Star Collection Book Page 1

Hello Pico-goers! I’ve got a special 4-part (and perhaps more if they get that far) series on the Star Collection book. Though some of them really need a good explanation, others don’t. But for the sake of being thorough, I’ll go through all of them. The number in ( ) is how many gummies you get for completing it. All of these activities will assume you are starting in your own room.

The stars are color coordinated based on difficulty. Pink stars are the least difficult, yellow are of medium difficulty, and blue ones are the hardest. Though, not all of the blue ones are that hard, most of the time it’s luck of the draw whether or not you get trolls in your group. A troll is a person who likes to be a nuisance for their own entertainment.

On the left side of the book, once you click on a star, a small description will appear. In the description, it’ll usually give you a picture of the button/ location that you need to go to in order to complete the star.

Lower menu

Lower Menu

Star 1 – (100) Dress up your Pico: There are 8 buttons on the bottom right side of your screen. Between “Buddies” and “Decor” is the “Closet” button. Click it. Change your Pico’s clothes, or not. Just hit “Save” and you’ll accomplish it.

Star 2 – (100) Move your furniture: Within the bottom 8 buttons, next to your “Closet” button, is the “Decor” button. Click it. This will allow you to edit your room. You can pick up all your items or just start arranging. Click on items in the menu to put them in your room. Click on items already in your room to rotate and move them. Close out of the menu and you’ll complete the second star.

Star 3 – (100) Play Daily Gacha: At the far right end of the menu, you’ll see a button that says “Gacha.” Click that and press the big pink button to play. It’ll cost you 100 gummies, and you’ll get a random item. Star 3 secure.

Star 4 – (100) Go to Catalog Order Shop: Next to the “Gacha” button is the “Shop” button. This is the catalog. Click it, flip through a few pages, and you’re good to go. Note, the catalog is not the only place to shop. There’s a full shop tab under “Travel” and many of the shop keepers can be found in their respective locations throughout the travel locations.

Star 5 – (100) Go Travel: On the far left of the menu bar is the “Travel” icon. Click it and head somewhere. Make sure you’re under the “Travel” tab.

Star 6 – (100) Take a photo: There’s a camera icon above the “Shop” button on the lower menu. Click it. You can move the window around and zoom in or out. Once you “take your shot” you’ve got your star.

Star 7 – (100) Use your “Hello” action: On the bottom left of your screen, under the chat bar, is the emote bar. The first one, with a picture of the guy in an orange shirt, is your “Hello” action. Click it and you’re good.

Star 8 – (100) Give Pico Props: Under the “Tavel” icon, under the “Travel,” “Park,” or “Game” tab, you can enter a room with other people on Pico. Once you’re in the same room as someone else, you can click on their character and their profile will pop up. In their profile will be an orange button that says “Props!” Just click it to props them, and you’ll get the star.

Star 9 – (100) Visit someone’s room: Travel to an area with other people, and click on somebody again to show their profile. In the profile, you’ll see a small house icon. Click it to travel to their room. Some people might not have the house icon, because they have their room blocked in their preferences. It’s rare, but it happens. Just click someone else.

Star 10 – (100) “Ring” the bell in someone’s room: Follow the steps for Star #9. Once you’re in someone’s house, you’ll see green button in the upper left corner that says “Ring.” Ring it!

Star 11 – (100) Enter your profile: In the upper menu on the right side of the screen, you’ll see words in blue. Click “Settings.” Enter whatever information you want under the profile tab and save.

Star 12 – (100) Enter the room settings: Under “Settings,” fill out the “Room” tab information and save.

Star 13 – (100) Time travel to the past: Under the “Travel” icon, under the “Travel” tab, you’ll see a ton of icons of places to travel. The right side is sectioned off as “Time Travel” with brown headings. Go to one of those places to complete this star.

Star 14 – (150) Visit the Statue of Liberty: In the “Travel” tab again, find the picture of the Statue of Liberty under the “America” heading and go.

Star 15 – (100) Make a Pico buddy: Head to a social area, and click on someone. Their profile will pop up. Click on “Buddy Request” in their profile to request to be their friend. If they accept back, you’ll have a friend and a star.

Star 16 – (150) Warp to Pico buddy: On your lower right menu again, you have a “Buddies” icon. Click it to reveal your buddy list. If any of your buddies are online, there will be a green person and arrow icon under their house icon. Click it to follow them to whatever location they are at.

Alright, that’s page 1! Stay tuned for subsequent posts on the rest of the pages. Hope this helped, even though these ones are pretty simple.

Vegeta, the fashion icon

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Badwick, Trigun

Badwick, a one-episode wonder in Trigun

This post has been awhile in the making, ever since I watched Trigun. Episode 14, to be exact. It chronicles the events of an elder couple who are trying to save their land from being taken by bandits. Eventually, their only son ends up securing their deed at the city hall, making it impossible for the bandits to take the land from them. This guy’s name is Badwick.

When I saw this guy, I immediately took a screen shot, because the outfit looked strangely familiar. Of course, I knew from exactly where.


Vegeta, Dragon Ball Z

Vegeta. The similarities are striking. Both of them are wearing a blue-ish shirt with a white vest that has gold, sectioned straps. Badwick’s shirt is more gray, but could be taken as an old dusty blue, which is what I saw when watching it.

Dragon Ball Z was released as an anime first, spanning many seasons, and ending in 1996. Trigun was released in 1998. From this timeline, it’s obvious Vegeta is clearly the trend-setter here.

Vegeta's pink shirt

Vegeta rocking the pink shirt

But of course, if you’ve seen Dragon Ball Z, you’d know that Vegeta has always been a trend-setter. Who remembers the pink shirt? Hot right? It’s totally over nine thousand!

spoilers abound. you have been warned.

Here are a collection of AMVs that I stumbled upon in my college years that have been saved in my YouTube favorites. The first is about Dominic and Anemone from Eureka 7, an anime I watched with my room mate quite often during Saturday night anime on Cartoon Network. These two are one of my favorite couples of all time, especially since the torturous life that Anemone was forced to live.

If the video doesn’t show up, watch it here:

This second one is an incredibly well done splicing of two animes: Cowboy Bebop and Trigun. The former is about a gang of bounty hunters, and the latter is about someone with a giant price tag on his head. The combination of the two is absolute genious.

If the video doesn’t show up, watch it here:

This one I loved in college, as I spent most of my time in my first year watching Naruto and Bleach instead of having a social life. I grew out of that, trust me. And I really, really liked Sakura and Sasuke together (and I still do). I truly believe Sakura would sing this song to Sasuke if she could.

If the video doesn’t show up, watch it here:

And finally, this one isn’t phenomenal, but it is the first video I ever favorited on YouTube (4 years ago). This video comes from my days of watching DNAngel, my first box set I purchased, and my recent purchase of Clay Aiken’s first album. Don’t judge. 😛

If the video doesn’t load, watch it here:

The pride of the Quincy

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“Megane Danshi″
part 8: Uryuu Ishida and Ryuken Ishida

spoilers abound. you have been warned.

Uryuu Shida

Uryuu Ishida

Uryuu Ishida is a high school student in the anime Bleach. Beyond that, he’s also a Quincy, a human with spiritual powers. The main plot line revolves around the Soul Reapers, a more common race with spiritual powers, but they aren’t exactly human. They reside in a large town called Seireitei, located in the realm of the afterlife, but they were never once alive.

Quincys have all but died out; Uryuu is the one of two living Quincys left. His powers, like all Quincys, revolve around the summoning of a bow using an artifact on the hand or wrist. Their archery skills are far superior than anyone else. Uryuu uses a bracelet with the Quincy cross dangling from it. Through the varying arcs, Uryuu goes through the ordeal of losing his powers and getting them back, using variations of Quincy artifacts.

Uryuu loves to sew and makes dresses for dolls. What a weirdo, right?

Uryuu works his way into the main cast very quickly in the first arc. His fights are fun to watch, even though the cockiness is a bit annoying. While I loved him in the first arc of Bleach, the second “Bount” arc was absolutely ridiculous. The end of the first arc, Uryuu lost his powers. He spends the majority of the second arc being an emo tool. He befriends a female bount, which are a race of “soul vampires.” Well, she dies, and he get even more emo. Eventually, he gets his powers back, just in time for the third arc, solely on the use of a Quincy glove. Eventually, the glove stops working (yeah, I forgot how it happened; I just know he loses his powers again). And he’s forced to seek help from the other living Quincy: his father.

Ryuken Ishida

Ryuken Ishida

Uryuu’s father, Ryuken, is a doctor and owns a hospital. He comes across as a bit of a jerk, making Uryuu promise not to help Ichigo (the main protagonist) anymore in order to assist him in getting his powers back. He also nearly kills Uryuu, but we find out that was the only way for him to revive his powers.

Quincys have a bit of a feud with Soul Reapers, so it explains his dislike for Ichigo. It also doesn’t help that Ichigo’s father owns a rival hospital, even though its much, much smaller. Later, it’s revealed that the fathers actually know each other and actually team up themselves to defeat some bad guys.