Vegeta, the fashion icon

Posted: July 10, 2011 in random articles
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Badwick, Trigun

Badwick, a one-episode wonder in Trigun

This post has been awhile in the making, ever since I watched Trigun. Episode 14, to be exact. It chronicles the events of an elder couple who are trying to save their land from being taken by bandits. Eventually, their only son ends up securing their deed at the city hall, making it impossible for the bandits to take the land from them. This guy’s name is Badwick.

When I saw this guy, I immediately took a screen shot, because the outfit looked strangely familiar. Of course, I knew from exactly where.


Vegeta, Dragon Ball Z

Vegeta. The similarities are striking. Both of them are wearing a blue-ish shirt with a white vest that has gold, sectioned straps. Badwick’s shirt is more gray, but could be taken as an old dusty blue, which is what I saw when watching it.

Dragon Ball Z was released as an anime first, spanning many seasons, and ending in 1996. Trigun was released in 1998. From this timeline, it’s obvious Vegeta is clearly the trend-setter here.

Vegeta's pink shirt

Vegeta rocking the pink shirt

But of course, if you’ve seen Dragon Ball Z, you’d know that Vegeta has always been a trend-setter. Who remembers the pink shirt? Hot right? It’s totally over nine thousand!


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