This is the beginning of a project I hope to have more time and money for in the coming year to really get this kicking off.

My name is Felicia, or in professional circles Fifi the Ninja. I love anime, video games, cosplay, and collecting anime action figures and cosplay cross necklaces.Other things I really love include green tea, writing, theater, dance, advertising, web development, and design.

Megane Danshi means “guys who wear glasses.” After watching several anime, I started to notice that my favorite characters almost always had glasses, and more so with medical/scientific backgrounds. It started with DNAngel’s Hiwatari, morphed into Kabuto from Naruto, then Kyouya Ootori from Ouran Highschool Host Club, and most recently Professor Franken Stein of Soul Eater. There are also other characters I really like that don’t wear glasses, so I will award them as I go with an Honorary Megane Danshi title as well.

I want to use this blog to document my adventures into the realms of anime, and the culture. You’ll see my collections of action figures and cosplay crosses grow, my cosplay outfits (which I hope to make/obtain on a more frequent basis), convention trips, reviews on new anime I watch, and the various random posts on Japanese culture.

I also realized after finishing several anime how underlying themes seem to be substantial life lessons in a philosophical manor. You know the concept “Everything I need to know I learned in kindergarten?” I believe there’s a great deal more to learn from anime, and I’ll be going into more detail on that.

Continuing series of posts that I will be featuring:

  • Megane Danshi (“glasses” in the keyword cloud)
  • Honorary Megane Danshi (honorary glasses)
  • Life Lessons
  • Anime Music Videos (AMVs)
  • Cosplay

Keep a look out in the Category Cloud, as they will be organized via the category attribute.

If you love anime and Japanese culture, come along for the ride!

(A note about the images on the site: I am trying to use screenshots where I can. I will ALWAYS credit artists when credit is due. If I use something, and you know it’s art and not a screen shot, let me know!) All anime and characters I post, I don’t own any of them and is purely for entertainment purposes.

*This theme is an edit done by me. The edited theme is Grayzed by The Forged Web Creations. Have your own blog and want me to do an edit? Reach me via the contact page at my site Fifitheninja.com

*The background was created using photoshop brushes from gamblingwithsouls and onthinair.

  1. Justin says:

    Hello Felicia. I have to say, this looks like a pretty good site (and I especially like your writing!). Looking forward to more of your posts!

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