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“Megane Danshi″
part 9: Yashiro Yukihito

spoilers abound. you have been warned.

Yashiro Yakihito

Yashiro Yakihito

First there was Yakushi (Kabuto, from Naruto), and now another Megane Danshi has surfaced with a “Ya” name. Yashiro Yukihito is a side character in Skip Beat. He plays main character Ren’s personal assistant/ manager, but more-so than that, he’s the center of the comic relief in the series.

As Ren’s manager, he’s got his schedule planned out a year in advanced. He’s also able to get Ren to all of his appointments without being late due to his ability to fiercely stare down fans to get them to move.

Though he’s not my favorite character in Skip Beat, he seems to be a bit of the glue that holds the main characters together. Yashiro’s intuition is spot on, as he’s the first to notice the blossoming relationship between Kyoko and Ren, even if Ren frequently denies it. He’s also the one that arranges “meetings” between the two.

His comic relief comes in the form of a very bizarre power – breaking electronics. No, really, it is a super power. Just by holding a cell phone in his bare hands (just like the picture on the right) he renders the object completely unusable. By threatening to touch his cell phone without gloves on, he coerces Ren to answer questions.

Honestly, that’s pretty much it to his character. He’s really only a minor character who acts as a conscience to Ren, a liaison between Ren and Kyoko to mastermind their relationship, and provides the majority of the comic relief. With all that responsibility, you think he’d appear more often, right?


The pride of the Quincy

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“Megane Danshi″
part 8: Uryuu Ishida and Ryuken Ishida

spoilers abound. you have been warned.

Uryuu Shida

Uryuu Ishida

Uryuu Ishida is a high school student in the anime Bleach. Beyond that, he’s also a Quincy, a human with spiritual powers. The main plot line revolves around the Soul Reapers, a more common race with spiritual powers, but they aren’t exactly human. They reside in a large town called Seireitei, located in the realm of the afterlife, but they were never once alive.

Quincys have all but died out; Uryuu is the one of two living Quincys left. His powers, like all Quincys, revolve around the summoning of a bow using an artifact on the hand or wrist. Their archery skills are far superior than anyone else. Uryuu uses a bracelet with the Quincy cross dangling from it. Through the varying arcs, Uryuu goes through the ordeal of losing his powers and getting them back, using variations of Quincy artifacts.

Uryuu loves to sew and makes dresses for dolls. What a weirdo, right?

Uryuu works his way into the main cast very quickly in the first arc. His fights are fun to watch, even though the cockiness is a bit annoying. While I loved him in the first arc of Bleach, the second “Bount” arc was absolutely ridiculous. The end of the first arc, Uryuu lost his powers. He spends the majority of the second arc being an emo tool. He befriends a female bount, which are a race of “soul vampires.” Well, she dies, and he get even more emo. Eventually, he gets his powers back, just in time for the third arc, solely on the use of a Quincy glove. Eventually, the glove stops working (yeah, I forgot how it happened; I just know he loses his powers again). And he’s forced to seek help from the other living Quincy: his father.

Ryuken Ishida

Ryuken Ishida

Uryuu’s father, Ryuken, is a doctor and owns a hospital. He comes across as a bit of a jerk, making Uryuu promise not to help Ichigo (the main protagonist) anymore in order to assist him in getting his powers back. He also nearly kills Uryuu, but we find out that was the only way for him to revive his powers.

Quincys have a bit of a feud with Soul Reapers, so it explains his dislike for Ichigo. It also doesn’t help that Ichigo’s father owns a rival hospital, even though its much, much smaller. Later, it’s revealed that the fathers actually know each other and actually team up themselves to defeat some bad guys.

I’m seeing red.

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“Megane Danshi″
part 7: Akane

spoilers abound. you have been warned.



So here’s my first megane danshi who is solely in manga (for now): Akane from Soul Eater Not!. Soul Eater Not! is strictly a manga at the present time and is only up to chapter 7. That’s great news if you’re looking to get into a new manga, especially if you liked Soul Eater. Soul Eater Not! is a semi-spin-off of Soul Eater. It takes place in the same universe; in fact, it’s pretty much a prequel. The story revolves around a different heroine and some of her freshman classmates before the events of Soul Eater. But anyway, back to Akane.

He was introduced in the first chapter, and he comes across as a very gifted student who will end up in the advanced class in no time. He strikes the reader as intelligent, advanced in his fighting style, and quintessentially “cool.”

Usually, it takes time for the backstory of a particular character to unfold. For instance, Naruto Uzumaki’s backstory wasn’t revealed until 400 episodes in (and that’s pretty extreme). But for Akane, chapter 6 had his story unfold for the most part, and it also catapults him to the main forefront, whereas before, he was only a prominent side character.

Akane's Star Clan Eyes

Akane's eyes behind his glasses

No surname has been given for Akane yet, but like the heroine, Tsugumi, he is Japanese. He was practically raised in a dojo, learning forms of judo meant for fighting and not sport. He reveals that he doesn’t even need glasses, but he wears them to hide his star shaped pupils, marking him as one of the Star Clan. For those of you who’ve read or watched Soul Eater, you know that Black Star was the last of the Star Clan bandits who went around using their powers to murder and pillage whole towns. Akane is a member of the Star Clan that didn’t go rogue.

Akane is a meister (weapon master) and has a weapon partner named Clay. At the end of chapter 6, he appears to be offering to partner with the heroine, Tsugumi. I guess we’ll find out when chapter 7 is released. I can’t wait!

Now to interrupt with a random train of thought. I find it weird that the name Akane is actually a girl’s name, meaning a brilliant shade of red (hence the post title). Could that be a tie in with his character? Are his eyes actually red? And as he’s a Star Clan member like Black Star, is he perhaps Red Star? Anyway, back to the original program.


Because another picture of Akane is a good idea.

If you were to combine Soul Eater’s Death the Kid and Ouran’s Kyoya Ootori (both of whom I have posts on and really like), you get Akane. Like Kyoya, Akane is intelligent and extremely formal in nature. He calls people solely by their surnames, speaks politely (even to enemies), wears a suit and tie, and sits with perfect posture. Like Death the Kid, he shares a similar style of clothing and was raised to fight to protect people. Akane has stated that he is attending the DWMA academy to learn how to use his abilities for good.

Despite his desire to do good, his intelligence, and his formal presence, I cant help but wonder if he might have an ulterior motive. He has a weapon partner, and then suddenly offers that partnership to Tsugumi after she makes it known to him that she is too much of a coward for the advanced class. He offers the partnership with a promise to protect her, and though they know each other, they aren’t that close.

I wonder if he sees something in her that she (or us) aren’t aware of yet. I could venture a stab at vengeance on the rogue part of his clan, but they’re all gone. Speaking of which, I wonder how he and Black Star will get along. After all, Black Star wears his marking, uncovered, on his upper arm.

If he’s a good guy through and through, that’s cool. If he’s got a darker side behind his good side, even better. If he turns out to be a super evil jerk face, then he can take his place next to Aizen and Kabuto on my heartbreaking wall of shame.

I love this manga, and I can’t wait to see how it plays out, and how Akane fits into it all.

“Megane Danshi″
part 6: Kyoya Ootori

spoilers abound. you have been warned.

Kyoya Ootori

Kyoya Ootori

Kyoya is the Vice President and “Shadow King” of the Ouran Highschool Host Club, and he’s my second favorite Megane Danshi of all time. He’s considered the “cool” type when entertaining guests. Though he is only shown with clients a couple of times, most often he is faded in the background with a clipboard or notebook in hand.

He is considered the “Shadow King” of the Host Club, because he’s generally the one who calls the shots, even though Tamaki’s the president. Kyoya’s well versed in legal matters, and is constantly on the prowl to keep the Host Club’s image and reputation clean, despite attempts by outsiders to destroy it (namely the newspaper club).

Unbeknownst to the rest of the Host Club members, Kyoya uses the club as his own personal business, meticulously calculating budgets, income, and expenses. Though he usually gives in to Tamaki’s lavish whims, Kyoya knows how to pull strings and often, uses his own family’s properties for entertainment, such as their personal beach and resort park.

the Host Club's Shadow King

the Host Club's Shadow King

He’s also a master of networking. He seems to know everything and anything about anybody, and he’s always in contact with high ranking people via his family’s business. In flashbacks, he researches everybody he meets for his own personal knowledge and gains. In fact, everything he does is generally for a selfish motive. Whether it is still true or not is put to the test in the episode “Kyoya’s Long Day,” when he prevents the wife of a major electronics company CEO from being ripped off by calling the salesman out on his fake wares. Though he claimed to know all along that it was her because of her large ruby ring, Haruhi realizes that a flag had been blocking her hand from their standpoint. Haruhi voices her thoughts on the real reason he helps people: because like Tamaki, he gains something intangible from it.

For a character that is really only spotlighted in two episodes, his character development (which mostly occurs before the events of the series via flashbacks) is striking and rewarding to the viewer. He overcomes a bleak situation with one of the best comeback I have ever seen.

Kyoya's father and brothers

The men of the Ootori household

Kyoya is generally stone faced, never revealing his true thoughts, motives, or feelings about anything. As the youngest of four, Kyoya was faced with a very adult situation early on in his life. As the third son, it was made clear to him in Jr. High that he had no chance at being the successor of the Ootori business, which mostly dealt in hospital management, alongside manufacturing hospital equipment.

His oldest brother, Yuuichi, only ever named in the manga, and he’s already graduated from his studies and currently working with their father at the main hospital. His second oldest brother, Akito, also only named in the manga, is still in medical school with plans to join Yuuichi in assistance. From the flashbacks, Kyoya accepts that he is destined to work for his brothers, a really heavy burden for a young teenager.

"I will always feel the frustration of not being able to step outside my frame."

"I will always feel the frustration of not being able to step outside my frame."

Kyoya’s father, Yoshio, puts immense pressure on him. He is told during his flashbacks that achieving academically was something that his brothers had already accomplished and it will take much more than that to impress him. Kyoya likens his situation to painting: he’s been given an ornate frame and must paint the perfect picture within it, but not outstep his boundary.

Before meeting Tamaki, Kyoya does his best to please his father and not step on the toes of his brothers. He excels academically and does what his father says. Besides that, he doesn’t try to do anything over the top that might upset the balance. Yoshio has an extremely cold personality, never showing affection or praise. Kyoya’s mother is never mentioned, not even in passing, in either the manga or anime.

Kyoya’s sister seems to be the only one within the Ootori family who really cares about how Kyoya feels. She tries to comfort her younger brother, and is seen in the flashbacks as hanging out with him in his room while he does homework.

Kyoya's sister, Fuyumi Shido

Kyoya's sister, Fuyumi Shido

Fuyumi is only daughter of the Ootori household. She is only seen in flashbacks, and in the manga is revealed to be married into the Shido family. She often visits home, which she is chided for by their father.

Kyoya’s main flashback takes up the entirety of episode 24, “And So Kyoya Met Him.” In it, the entirety of his family situation is explained. Fuyumi tells Kyoya that he can relax a little, because their older brothers have the run of things. Kyoya counters that it’s because he’s the third son that he can’t relax; the pressure on him is the highest of all. She’s concerned for Kyoya’s happiness, and he tells her that him being happy is a mute point.

Upon meeting Tamaki, like the rest of the Host Club members, Kyoya begins a change. He befriends Tamaki on his father’s orders, because Tamaki is the son of the Suou Group’s chairman, a frequent competitor. Tamaki turns out to be a crazy, whimsically minded “fool” in Kyoya’s eyes. Kyoya submits to all of Tamaki’s outlandish requests at sightseeing and starts to realize that he’s hard to keep up with.

Angry Kyoya

Angry Kyoya

Aggrivated, Kyoya is seen for the first time showing a genuine emotion: anger. He rants and raves about Tamaki’s whims that are generally incoherent and almost impossible to fulfill. Fuyumi wanted to tell him that, if he made him so mad, that he should stop hanging out with him. She refrains, because she’s “never seen him so passionate about anything before.” In the Japanese, its translated as “never seen him so happy before.”

Then Kyoya is thrown a curve. Tamaki shows up at his house, and plays the piano for the rest of his family, reducing them all to tears. Without realizing it, Kyoya was also reduced to tears. After that, Kyoya and Tamaki have a conversation that bring about another moment of rage for Kyoya, and he knocks over the coffee table, sending the tea set and dishes crashing to the floor.

Kyoya’s markedly jealous of Tamaki, because, as the illegitimate child of the Suou CEO, and the only child, Tamaki became the heir to the company overnight. Though that’s not actually true (as I’ve mentioned in a previous post about Tamaki), Kyoya can’t stand to hear Tamaki say that he doesn’t want his father’s company.

Kyoya Laughing

Kyoya Laughing

Tamaki is the only one who was able to see through Kyoya, telling him that if he really wanted his own father’s company, he could do it. “The only one who’s given up here is you, Kyoya.” The switch is flipped. Kyoya is seen in the only other emotion he displays in the entire series: he laughs. One of my favorite lines comes after. When Kyoya realizes that Tamaki is right, he makes a face, and Tamaki says, “Oh, man, what an evil face. So you’re finally showing your true colors.” The painting scene is shown again (below), and Kyoya really does paint with his true colors. Tamaki asks Kyoya to help him start the Host Club, to which he accepts. He tells Haruhi in the series that the reason he started the Host Club with Tamaki was because it was such a crazy idea. Neither of his brothers had done extra-curricular activites, and he used the Host Club to his full advantage.

Yoshio Ootori

Yoshio Ootori

Toward the end of the anime, Ouran Academy hosts a family day festival. Kyoya’s father arrives and slaps the glasses off of Kyoya’s face. Yoshio tells his son that he’s never been so ashamed. I felt for him so badly. Tamaki’s father even tells Yoshio that he went too far, and asks him if he’s taking out his company’s failing on him.

That’s when it’s revealed that the medical equipment branch of the Ootori company is being bought out French conglomerate. Yoshio reveals that he was going to give that branch to Kyoya. After seeing his duties in the Host Club, he says that it serves Kyoya right that he’s going to lose it anyway.

Like I had said before, Kyoya turned the Host Club into his own personal business. What his father didn’t know is that Kyoya amassed a sum of money in the Host Club. Before the French company could buy it out, Kyoya, under the guise of KO (or OK in the Japaese version) bought it out from under the both of them. I thought either portrayal of his initials was fitting. The English way means “Knock-Out” and the Japanese means “Okay” if you didn’t pick that up.

Kyoya's true colors

Kyoya's true colors

This is where Kyoya’s true colors come out. Yes, he surpassed his father’s expectations by planning far enough ahead to eventually buy it out before a competitor could. But, he subsequently turns over the entire management rights of it to his father, basically saying that he doesn’t want it and shoving it back into his face.

Haruhi’s assessment was correct. Tamaki’s impact on him was far reaching. Once only thinking of himself and what he could gain from everything, Kyoya put aside his material success for something much more rewarding in the process. He also rose from the chains of “the third son” to be a well respected member of his family by his father in the end.

“Megane Danshi″
part 5: Franken Stein

spoilers abound. you have been warned.

Franken Stein

Professor (or Dr.) Franken Stein

Franken Stein is a protagonist in the series Soul Eater and a chronic smoker. When he is introduced, he appears to be an antagonist, but it is soon discovered that he was fighting the main protagonists (who are all students) as a remedial lesson on behalf of Lord Death (the Grim Reaper and headmaster). After the lesson, he begins to teach their class as their full time professor. He excels in the role and is very good at being a mentor to the students.

Here’s a little background on the school set-up. The DWMA is a school for weapons (people who can transform into weapons) and meisters (people who can wield those weapons). Weapons and meisters fight enemies who are on the verge of becoming completely evil to keep the balance in the world. Weapons can consume the souls of these monsters to make themselves more powerful. 99 of those souls plus a witch soul makes a weapon powerful enough to be able to be used by Lord Death himself. Stein was the most powerful meister to ever graduate the academy.

He’s practically like the Dumbledore of Soul Eater; he knows everything about anything and is an extremely powerful meister. But Stein has an incorrigible dark side, or madness. He is the epitome of a mad scientist and loves nothing more than dissecting anything and everything. Nothing is off limits, as he’s even done experiments on and dissected parts of his own body. His previous weapon partner, Spirit Albarn, is still terrified of him for having done experiments on him while he was sleeping, even though they are still very good friends. Even as a child, he was fairly gruesome, beating up, torturing, and threatening to dissect even the most distant of passersby. Spirit usually came to the rescue and admonished Stein for his behavior.

Stein as a child

Stein as a child, adorable, right?

Eventually Stein was able to curb his tendencies on the basis of right and wrong, but he slowly cracks along the way. One of the reasons Stein is such a fascinating character is the madness that eats at him through the duration of the anime. You’re constantly wondering when he’s going to snap. I really felt for him whenever he would have his solitary moments of madness and have to snap himself out of it.

Then episode 41 hit, and I spent the entirety of the episode yelling at my screen for him to listen to his conscience and go home! It broke my heart to see Marie have to fight him in his maddened state, but then she is finally able to reach him and stop the radio noise in his head. It was beautiful.

marie and stein

Marie and Stein

Marie and Stein had a relationship in the past, and Marie even refers to Stein as her first love.  It isn’t known if they were actually dating, or if it’s just a onesided thing. Stein seems to be oblivious to her feelings, and she seems to be afraid to admit them. I’m still banking on hope for the pair.

Though, on multiple occasions, Stein makes references to the fact that he has no emotional capacity and no understanding of love. That makes me horribly sad, and also a bit curious. Yes, Stein is an extremely lonesome guy, mostly it seems to be a chosen lifestyle due to his obsession with science. He also seems to have a compassion for his students and a definite bond with Marie. He even berates Medusa for calling her own son (or daughter?), Chrona, a failed experiment to be disposed of. Perhaps he just needs a little bit of a push to understand love more fully?

At certain points in the anime, his loneliness is almost palpable, and it really makes you feel for him. Case and point: his near kiss with Medusa. I can’t believe I admitted that scene actually exists, but unfortunately it does. Anyone thinking that there were romantic going ons with Stein and Medusa, I have to vehemently disagree with you! Though I believe Medusa definitely has a thing for Stein, I don’t think the feelings are mutual. The two have an extensive scientific background in common, and madness was already taking a toll on Stein, as well as the loneliness. It appears Stein  had a weak moment, and then was quickly snapped out of it. He tells Medusa during the Kishin revival arc that he’s not able to return his feelings to her, and he even kills her in a maddened blood bath. He laughs as her blood rains from the ceiling. That’s surely not something you would do to the woman you love, right?

Following Stein in Soul Eater is a definite emotional roller-coaster. And it was well worth the ride. As bizarre as it sounds, he’s half comic relief and half of the extreme emotional struggle.

stein's first day of teaching

Stein's first day of teaching, after his entrance

Also, his voice actor, Chuck Huber, is the voice of Android 17 from DBZ as well. He’s another future honorary Megane Danshi post, as is Trunks, but that’s another post for another time.

And I’m not completely sure how I forgot to mention the absolute best part about Stein until now. It’s probably because it’s past 3am. Anyway, he’s sitting in a chair and wheels around in it, kicking off from his desk. Once he hits a doorway, he topples over and proceeds to have a conversation, laying on the floor, like nothing happened. I laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe the first AND second time he did that. Hilarious.

“Megane Danshi″
part 4: Jade Curtiss

spoilers abound. you have been warned.

This article is strictly on the anime, as I have not played the video game.

Jade Curtis

Jade Balfour, aka Jade Curtiss

Jade Curtiss is a protagonist in Tales of the Abyss, but for several episodes after he makes his initial appearance, you can’t help but question whether or not he’s good or bad. His loyalties become apparent relatively quickly, though, and you realize his personality is just very stoic and cold. He also has a very dry, sarcastic humor, which lends well to the comic relief, but can teeter on the point of being cruelly intended. He always appears to be relatively cheerful, which tends to hide his true feelings or thoughts.

Jade is colonel for the Malkuth empire, the other of two warring continents that make up the earth (Auldrant), and the enemy nation of the main protagonists Luke and Tear. It’s partly for that reason Jade seems like a bad guy at first, capturing them after a fonic resonance send the pair flying into enemy territory. It turns out, though, that Jade is on a mission to get a message of peace from King Peony (Malkuth) to Luke’s father, the King of the other continent, Kimlasca.

Jade Balfour, age 9

Before he was Jade Curtiss, he was known as Dr. Jade Balfour, and also as “Jade the Necromancer.” Jade Balfour grew up in a pretty, snow covered port town called Ketersburg in the Malkuth empire. He and his little sister, Nephry, were good friends with two of Jade’s classmates, Saphir (Dist the Reaper) and Peony (the future emperor). Jade had an extraordinary command of the fonic arts at a young age and even created formicry, the art of replicating phonons from one object or person and creating a complete replica, at the age of 9 to replace his sister’s broken doll. The event scared her more than soothed her, and she refers to Jade in the present as having been “a devil” as i child. He had no sympathy for other creatures, and frequently practiced powerful fonic arts on innocent monsters.

The three boys had a teacher, professor Nibilim, whom Jade admired very much and helped him see the errors of his ways. She was a healer who had control of the seventh fonon, a very rare ability. One day, Jade attempted to control the seventh fonon, creating an explosion that killed their professor. Saphir was also present during the incident, and the two of them decided to study fomicry and use it to create a copy of their teacher. Eventually, they were able to successfully replicate her, but because they couldn’t replicate memories and personality, they unintentionally created a monster that Jade ended up having to seal away.

Recognized for his achievements, Jade was adopted into the House Curtiss, a prominent military family, and eventually rose to colonel of the Malkuth empire. He continued his fomicry research, picking up bodies off of battlefields, earning himself the nickname of “Jade the Necromancer.”

Eventually the formicry research was taking an enormous toll on Jade’s health, and Emperor Peony convinced him to put an end to it. Jade abandoned his research and put a ban on its continued practice on living organisms. Dist, feeling that Jade had abandoned their favorite teacher, continued the research as one of the 6 god generals under Van, the main antagonist of the series. Sadly, Jade kills Dist in a very heart wrenching moment, bidding his friend Saphir goodbye.

Through much of the series, Jade basically plays the ‘all-knowing’ character, as well as somewhat of a father figure to an all teenage (and early 20s) cast of companions. Jade’s 35 and tells them that he’s going to make them all crazy by the time he’s 40. Jade is also extremely good at figuring people out and deducing their secrets. His observational skills and knowledge make him the funnel that draws out the pasts and problems that each person in the party is hiding about themselves. He’s also extremely powerful, but doesn’t demonstrate much through most of the anime after having a seal placed on him by the enemy early on. By the end of the anime, he’s able to slowly crack away at the seal to the point where it hardly effects him. I think that’s pretty convenient for the story line; after all, you can’t have Jade simply destroy every bad guy along the way, right?

Jade’s cold, solid exterior starts to deteriorate as the anime winds down. As Luke says his goodbyes, Jade refers to him as a friend, to which Luke is taken aback. Jade apologizes for being so cold, which is what he assumed made Luke not think that they were friends. Then, on their final night before the ending battle, Jade tells Anise that he’s planning on resuming formicry research after life returns to normal again. But this time, he’s going to expand his research into developing a way for replicas to have a purpose in life.

And now on another note, Jade does not actually need glasses, which is not revealed in the anime but the game. His fonic power originates from his eyes, making them appear red. He uses glasses to help control his power, even though he’s pretty good at it on his own. Also something I found pretty funny; when he’s getting ready to use his fonic arts in the final battle, he spins his glasses in the air with a single finger. That’s talent.

“Megane Danshi″
part 3: Loki/ Leo the Lion

spoilers abound. you have been warned.



Loki, or sometimes spelled Loke, is a fascinating character with an intense backstory, from the anime/manga Fairy Tail. Though he doesn’t wear prescription glasses, he is always wearing light colored sunglasses, so it counts.

Loki is introduced as being just another Fairy Tail mage who also happens to have a healthy interest in women. In fact, he usually has several girlfriends at one time. Despite this, he is extremely respectful of women and will always wholeheartedly defend a woman who is being mistreated. He is also revealed to be terribly afraid of the main female character, Lucy, because she is a Stellar Spirit Summoner. The fear is written off by fellow guild members as Loki once having had a bad experience dating one. But, its so much deeper than that.


Loki's true form as Leo the Lion

Loki has his own two episode arc, 31-32,  and his entire past is revealed. He himself is a Stellar Spirit named Leo the Lion, one of the twelve golden keys that corresponds to the Astrological symbols, the most powerful of the Stellar Spirits. Lucy discovers that Leo was owned by an infamous Stellar Spirit summoner by the name of Karen Lilica. Karen had multiple boyfriends at a time, just like Loki did with girls, and he even admits to picking up that lifestyle in remembrance of Karen. But unlike Loki, Karen was cruel and heartless, especially toward her Steller Spirit Aries. She passed her off to boys she didn’t want to deal with, used her as a shield, even struck her, and then threatened to keep her summoned for a week straight which was thought to torture a Stellar Spirit, if not kill them. Coming to Aries rescue, Leo forced himself out and Aries back, and he demanded Karen free them or he wouldn’t go back to the Spirit realm. No matter how much Karen tried, she couldn’t force him to go back.

After 3 months of being in the Earth realm, Loki is able to deal with the physical ramifications of being in the world he doesn’t belong. He decides to forgive Karen for now, but continue to protect Aries if the need ever arose. Upon returning, he discovers that Karen attempted to do missions without the use of her Stellar Spirits, as she could not summon more than one at a time, seeing as Leo was already active. Unable to defend herself, she died. Leo couldn’t return to the spirit realm, after having caused his master’s death.

Fast forward three years, and his time in the Earth realm is up, and Loki’s beginning to fade from existence. When Lucy discovered what had happened, she tried coming to his aid by forcing the Leo gate open. In doing so, she roused the Spirit King, and demanded he change his mind. She summoned all of her keys at once, something that takes a lot of power and strength to do, and tries to convince the king that protecting your friends is not a sin. The king reconsiders and allows Loki to return to the Spirit realm as Leo the Lion. Now Leo serves Lucy as his new master.

“Megane Danshi″
part 2: Szayel Aporro Granz & Dist the Reaper

spoilers abound. you have been warned.

Szayel Aporro Grantz

Szayel Aporro Grantz

Even though I think Mayuri Kurotsuchi of Bleach is probably the king of weird science, he doesn’t wear glasses so he doesn’t count. (hahaha.) He is pretty freaky looking, and at least these two are nice to look at. Who am I talking about? Bleach’s (and Mayuri’s enemy) Szayel Aporro Granz and Tales of the Abyss’ Dist the Reaper. I could also add Professor Stein in here from Soul Eater, but he’s is in a league of his own, and he’s not a flamboyant, pink haired weirdo like these two.

Both of these guys are hardcore into science and their research, caring little for others, and being quite sadistic in their personalities. They’re also both ego-centric and sport pink hair-dos.

Szayel is the 8th Espada in Aizen’s team of arrancars, or hollows who have obtained soul reaper powers. (Aizen’s an evil jerk, and I’m glad that he no longer wears his glasses after he became said jerk.) Szayel monitors enemies by planting bugs on fellow arrancar which record the spirit particles of their enemy during fights, so that he can analyze them in case he ever has to fight them. He also likes to keep his enemies’ bodies intact, especially if they have a special ability, for research.

Okay, that may be normal for science elites, but what about Szayel makes him weird? First off, he swallows his Zanpakuto (sword) to enact his abilities instead of fighting with it. He’s stated before he’s not much of a fighter in that way. Szayel also makes dolls of his opponents, by having them be swallowed by one of his “wings.” These dolls are basically voo-doo dolls filled with voo-doo organs that he snaps to do internal damage to his opponent. He can also asexually reproduce himself within the womb of an opponent, which makes him “the perfect being.”

Then he gets annihilated by Mayuri in a very epic battle. At least he was pretty to look at.

Dist the Reaper

Dist the Reaper

Dist the Reaper, or Saphir Ortion Gneiss, from Tales of the Abyss, is one of the 6 god generals (similar to Szayel’s position). He is a childhood friend of another Megane Danshi and scientist, Jade Curtiss. As partners, they were involved in a research project that was eventually abandoned and condemned by Jade, though Dist never gave it up. Because of this, his alliance changed.

He fights using robots, and never engages in combat directly. So why is he weird? His personality. He sits on a floating chair all the time, insists on being called “Dist the Rose,” and spends most of his fight scenes engaged in a hilarious squabble with Jade who refers to him as “Dist the Runny.” Eventually he is done in by Jade in a very sad manner. You can tell Jade didn’t want to, but it seemed like something he had to do to bury his past once and for all.

So which one do I like better? Sorry Saphir, I’m not into purple lipstick and feathered coats. Szayel takes the win.

Go to the Light!

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“Megane Danshi”
part 1: Satoshi Hiwatari

spoilers abound. you have been warned.

Satoshi Hiwatari

Satoshi (Hikari) Hiwatari

The first Megane Danshi I was exposed to, and subsequently began my fandom, is none other than Satoshi (Hikari) Hiwatari from D.N.Angel. It’s been quite a few years since I watched this anime, even though I own it, and though I am extremely tempted to watch it again, I have far more new anime on my list to watch.

Satoshi was my “first love” when it came to glasses wearing characters, and the light (pardon the pun, “hikari” means “light” in Japanese, in case you didn’t know) that led me to megane danshi. Coupled with his extraordinary intellect, his story is heartwrenching and it drew me in.

He graduated from college at 13 and is the police commander, adopted by the Hiwatari family. His adoptive father is a huge jerk (something I relate to) and uses Satoshi for his own motives. Then, insert Krad, Satoshi’s alter ego, and you really can’t help but feel for him. My heart ached whenever Krad forced himself out, causing Satoshi a great deal of pain, especially when Risa bears witness to it. Then, by the time he was basically trying to commit suicide, I was screaming at my TV with a face full of tears.

But things finally turned around for him. Instead of continuing to be sworn enemies as rival families (and continuing the stress coaster he was on), Satoshi ended as best friends with Daisuke (and some schools of thought claim more than that, but I’m still standing by Daisuke and Riku). Happy endings abound for Satoshi, FINALLY, and he even caught the glance of Risa. Win!

He also shares voices with Kaoru Hitachiin from Ouran Highschool Host Club (my favorite anime of all time) via Greg Ayers. Double win!