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Are you saying eyeglasses improve a man's appearance by that much?

Yes, yes it does.

Ichinose Kaoru, the author of┬áMegane Danshi Shinsetsu, and Shin Kawamaru, author of Megane Danshi Club, gets it. I’m glad I’m not the only one. These manga are like the distilled essence of what I’m trying to get across in starting this blog (though it seems to have evolved over the months): guys with glasses are straight up sexy. Yep. Truth. FYI: Megane Danshi literally means “guys who wear glasses.”

Shinsetsu is about two high school students who have grown up together (via living next door and their mom’s being close), but appear to be in two different worlds. And as the official description states: “The guy gets glasses, but the girl is the one who’s starting to see clearly.”┬áThere’s only one chapter out as of now, but I will definitely be following along as it goes. The first chapter is the basic introduction of the two main characters, but quickly jumps into how she already might be falling for him. For me, that seems to be a little too soon, as I like a good story where feelings start to slowly unfold. But, I am willing to see where this is going to head from here.


Kouta, Megane Danshi Shinkasetsu

The megane danshi in this story is Kouta. At first he appears to be a jerk, but toward the end of the chapter, that persona fades from him a bit. He recently gets glasses, because he can’t see the board, and now all of the girls in school think he’s gorgeous. If you ask me, he kind of resemble Kyouya… right? I suppose that’s ok.

Megane Danshi Club

Megane Danshi Club

As for Megane Danshi Club, I can’t get the story straight on it. I’m finding a couple of different titles for the same manga cover, two different covers for the same name, and I still can’t tell what kind of story it is. The description says that it’s about a photography club that is secretly a Megane Danshi Club, and they take pictures of guys who wear glasses. Now, I don’t know if this is a fan girl thing, or yaoi, or both, or even if it’s rated PG or X. My research on it hasn’t turned up anything, in fact, I’m surprised I even found the author’s name. I can’t find any scans of it, in English or Japanese, no reviews, no wiki posts, nothing.

If anyone has any info on this manga, I’d appreciate it!