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Tumbling main cast

It’s almost 5am here on the east coast. I’ve got a number of things keeping me awake, when I’m usually passed out cold by midnight most nights. For one, hurricane Irene is on our doorstep, and the bands of rain are starting to wash themselves over us, which is rare for a named storm to do. Also, I’ve consumed a good 4-5 cups of green tea with jasmine, which I stopped drinking at about 11pm. Did I mention I’m completely caffeine intolerant? Haha, I’m wide awake. And the third thing keeping me awake: “Tumbling.”

My brother’s fiance, Mayumi, who I might have mentioned before, is from Japan and she’s a huge fan of Japanese dramas. She’s the one who revealed to me the epic-ness that is the live action Ouran. So anyway, I just got done watching the newest episode that was out, and while consuming my 3rd cup of the glorious jasmine green tea, I mentioned to Mayumi that I need to start watching other Japanese dramas to fill in the gaps between Ouran airings.

Perusing the website that I was on, I stumbled upon “Tumbling,” a drama centered around a failing Rhythmic Gymnastics club at the high school, and a rag-tag gang thug is forced to join as punishment for failing in his classes. Needless to say, he learns a lot from them, and they learn a lot from him, like how to stop failing. The mischief maker is played by Yamamoto Yusuke, the same actor as Tamaki in Ouran. And Kyoya actor Daito Shunsuke also has a role as an ex-gang member with a deep and hidden past. I know, it just draws you in, doesn’t it?

The story line is fantastic, and the side plots in the episodes are actually pretty riveting. I think I’ve even cried a few times. And the bizarre thing is, I’m only on episode 2. (Episode 1 is like, two hours long, and each consecutive one is an hour.) But honestly, I feel like I’ve already watched half a season.

Now, I’ve never seen the American show on ABC family called “Make it or Break it.” You know, the one with the gymnasts and what not. But anyway, I assume it’s a lot like that, except instead of whiney, drama filled teenage whores, there’s gorgeous japanese guys doing kick-ass back hand springs and vaulted twists. Clear winner. But don’t take my word for it. Just start the first episode, and you’ll flip too.

Edit 8/28: Oh yeah, and Nippori’s cry face is hilariously awful. And Yuuta looks like a Japanese version of 11 year old Harry Potter, which makes me giggle every time I see him on screen. And Satoshi’s voice DOES get more tolerable.

Edit 9/10: I stumbled upon another blog who referred to Tumbling as a cross between “Bring it On,” “West Side Story,” and “Make it or Break it,” to which I whole-heartedly agree.