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spoilers abound. you have been warned.

So, I am two states away from my home town, because a good friend of mine is getting married today! Yay! Congrats Tim and Ana! So to preemptively celebrate (I’m going to be far too tired after all the dancing I’m going to do at the reception), I’ve decided to compile my list of Top 5 favorite couples who are together, as seen in the anime/manga from where they came. This post comes in conjunction with another post of mine, the Top 5 couples who are not together (yet).

5. Bulma and Vegeta

Bulma and Vegeta

Bulma and Vegeta

Who can take on the cold, heartless Saiyan prince, with a temper of an Irishman and the arrogance and personality of prize antagonist? A woman.

Bulma is the daughter of the founder of a technology company called Capsule Corp. She’s got a bit of a hard edge, and doesn’t let herself get easily run over by others. In a “night of passion” Bulma got pregnant with their son, and my favorite DBZ character, Trunks.

Though Vegeta is ruthless and potnetially volatile, his relationship with his (now) wife and his son makes him a bit more civilized.

4. Duck & Fakir

Duck and Fakir

Duck and Fakir

I find this pair, from the anime Princess Tutu, to be the most fascinating in how they came together through the events of the story. From the beginning, Duck (Ahiru), as an actual duck, became enamored with Myuto, the lonely prince who was missing his heart.

Myuto is a prince from a story by an author named Drosselmeyer, who had the ability to make his stories real. Drosselmeyer never finished the story of the prince and the raven before a fearful group cut his hands off. The prince, Myuto, and the raven emerged into the real world where Myuto shattered his own heart to seal away the raven. Drosselmeyer sees how how much Ahiru wants to help and gives her a pendant that transforms her into a girl, enrolled at the same ballet school as Myuto. The pendant also allows her to transform into Princess Tutu, a character from Drosselmeyer’s book that restores the shards of the lone prince’s heart.

Through the majority of the anime, the viewer, as I did, roots for Duck and Myuto, as she restores his heart with the mising shards. Fakir, Myuto’s overprotective roommate who is fully aware of the story, being a magical writer himself, comes off as a huge (I prefer a more expletive term, but I will settle for a pg-13 rating here) jerk-face. Fakir, and the Raven’s daughter, Rue, or Princess Kraehe, tries to foil Tutu (Duck)’s attempts to gather the shards.

But somewhere toward the last quarter of the anime, a series of events begins to unravel between Duck and Fakir, and the viewer starts to realize that Myuto x Duck completely pales in comparison to Fakir xDuck. The two’s bond is eventually how they manage to save Prince Myuto from the Raven, and he ends up living happily ever after with Princess Kraehe who was not actually the raven’s daughter, just a girl who had been kidnapped by the raven. The pair go back into the story. Duck returns to be a duck again, and keeps Fakir company while he writes, unfortunately. I wish she could have kept the pendant and stayed with Fakir as a human.

3. Minato Namikaze & Kushina Uzumaki

Kushina and Minato

Kushina and Minato

One of the more tragic love stories is these two from the anime and manga of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. The pair are actually the title character’s parents, which isn’t revealed until way late into Shippuden. Minato, the fourth hokage from the Leaf Village, fell in love with the Kushina, a ninja from the Whirlpool Village, which has close ties to the Leaf. Kushina was the current carrier of the Nina Tails demon fox.

Before they started dating, Kushina was kidnapped, and Minato was able to rescue her by following bits of her red hair that she had left as a trail. It was love at first rescue. Most people found Kushina, like Naruto, to be annoying because of her fiesty-ness and a speech tick that both of them share. She was aso made fun of for her brilliant red hair, often being compared to a tomato. But after the rescue, Minato told her that he loved her red hair, and she started to let it grow extremely long.

After being married, the pair were expecting their first child, Naruto. At childbirth, Kushina would become vulnerable to Nine Tailed fox, so they went away to have the baby in secret. The main antagonist (that we know of so far in the series) got wind of it and broke in mid-delivery. Minato and Kushina were able to seal away the Nine Tails within their baby, in exchange for their lives. They also incorporated memories of themselves into the seal, so that if Naruto were to ever try to remove it, they would reveal themselves to their son.

2. Dominic Sorel & Anemone

Dominic and Anemone

Dominic and Anemone

In Eureka 7, even though these two were on orders of the antagonist, you couldn’t help but root for the pair. Anemone was the only survivor in an experiment to alter bodies to that of a Coralian, in order to pilot one of the ships. In her drugged state, she’s a fearless killer and appears bloodthirsty. The side effects of the procedures and drugs give her massive headaches, as well as an unstable mental capacity.

Dominic starts off as her caretaker, but eventually finds himself sympathetic toward her, and even falling in love with her. Eventually, actually pretty much at the end of the series, she comes to realize that not everyone is lying to her, and she feels for him back. Just before this realization, a rebound attack from her ship causes enough damage to Dominic’s ship to cause him to fall out of the sky. She is ejected from her own ship to save him. That’s when they kiss! *squee!*

The pair are together ever after.

1. Winry Rockbell & Edward Elric

Winry and Ed

Winry and Ed

I loved Full Metal Alchemist, until the very end, when Ed and Al enter an alternate dimension. I was convinced that Ed and Winry belonged together, and to separate them like that was an absolute outrage. Then I saw the movie, my hopefulness crept back in and I watched with bated breath. Then it ended. Still in separate dimensions, and I was furious. Though I thought FMA was a fantastic anime, I couldn’t help but feel cheated that they did not end up together after all they had been through.

Winry is an ace mechanic, and she specializes in automail, which she outfits Ed with after he lost his arm in an alchemy spell that went awry. Continuously throughout the series, she admonishes Ed for doing risky things, and it is blatantly obvious that she cares for him. He takes comfort in her affection and it always feels like he’s home when she’s around.

Chapter 108

Chapter 108

Several years after I had finished the series, I had stumbled onto something interesting. There was an ongoing manga, and I had only discovered this when the manga site I visited announced that the FINAL CHAPTER had been released. Though I didn’t know what had been going on, I clicked through the final chapter to see what happens at the end. Somehow Ed and AL got their bodies back intact, and their father passed away. But best of all, an end photo showed Winry and Ed together, with two kids. My life is complete.

Winry and Ed

Winry and Ed


Vegeta, the fashion icon

Posted: July 10, 2011 in random articles
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Badwick, Trigun

Badwick, a one-episode wonder in Trigun

This post has been awhile in the making, ever since I watched Trigun. Episode 14, to be exact. It chronicles the events of an elder couple who are trying to save their land from being taken by bandits. Eventually, their only son ends up securing their deed at the city hall, making it impossible for the bandits to take the land from them. This guy’s name is Badwick.

When I saw this guy, I immediately took a screen shot, because the outfit looked strangely familiar. Of course, I knew from exactly where.


Vegeta, Dragon Ball Z

Vegeta. The similarities are striking. Both of them are wearing a blue-ish shirt with a white vest that has gold, sectioned straps. Badwick’s shirt is more gray, but could be taken as an old dusty blue, which is what I saw when watching it.

Dragon Ball Z was released as an anime first, spanning many seasons, and ending in 1996. Trigun was released in 1998. From this timeline, it’s obvious Vegeta is clearly the trend-setter here.

Vegeta's pink shirt

Vegeta rocking the pink shirt

But of course, if you’ve seen Dragon Ball Z, you’d know that Vegeta has always been a trend-setter. Who remembers the pink shirt? Hot right? It’s totally over nine thousand!