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Posted: September 22, 2011 in food
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bento box

bento box

Success! I completed my first bento box to take with me to work this morning. It’s a fairly simple one, but definitely delicious. It contains salmon furikake over a bed of rice, a sliced egg, sugar snap peas, and raspberries. I wanted to make the tamagoyaki for this, but I was strapped for time in the morning.

Last night, I created the salmon furikake using the recipe from the Just Bento blog. Basically, I steamed salmon in a frying pan with sake, flaked it down, put it back in the pan with some seasonings, and cooked out as much moisture as possible. It’s delicious on it’s own, though a bit on the salty side, which makes it ideal over rice. The salmon furikake keeps well in the fridge. Before I went to bed, I washed the rice and left it to soak overnight.

Bunny Chopsticks

Bunny Chopsticks, かわいい ね?

In the morning, I put the rice cooker on while I took a shower, and by the time I was dressed and ready for breakfast, the rice had finished. I pulled it out and laid it flat on a dish to cool before packing it. I filled the room temperature rice into a little over half of the box, and placed a cupcake paper into the opposite corner. I layered the cold furikake over the rice and added the snap peas and raspberries into their respective spots. I found hard boiled eggs in the fridge from my mom’s potato salad the other night, so I sliced one of those up and striped it down the middle.

I got funny looks at work for eating with my awesome うさぎ (bunny) chopsticks, but it didn’t feel right to eat a bento box with a fork. It was worth it, to say the least. おいしい!