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part 9: Yashiro Yukihito

spoilers abound. you have been warned.

Yashiro Yakihito

Yashiro Yakihito

First there was Yakushi (Kabuto, from Naruto), and now another Megane Danshi has surfaced with a “Ya” name. Yashiro Yukihito is a side character in Skip Beat. He plays main character Ren’s personal assistant/ manager, but more-so than that, he’s the center of the comic relief in the series.

As Ren’s manager, he’s got his schedule planned out a year in advanced. He’s also able to get Ren to all of his appointments without being late due to his ability to fiercely stare down fans to get them to move.

Though he’s not my favorite character in Skip Beat, he seems to be a bit of the glue that holds the main characters together. Yashiro’s intuition is spot on, as he’s the first to notice the blossoming relationship between Kyoko and Ren, even if Ren frequently denies it. He’s also the one that arranges “meetings” between the two.

His comic relief comes in the form of a very bizarre power – breaking electronics. No, really, it is a super power. Just by holding a cell phone in his bare hands (just like the picture on the right) he renders the object completely unusable. By threatening to touch his cell phone without gloves on, he coerces Ren to answer questions.

Honestly, that’s pretty much it to his character. He’s really only a minor character who acts as a conscience to Ren, a liaison between Ren and Kyoko to mastermind their relationship, and provides the majority of the comic relief. With all that responsibility, you think he’d appear more often, right?


Woo Hoo! Fifty Posts!  This blog, which I opened the first week of April 2011, just 6 short months ago, is doing so much better than I could have ever anticipated. I’m clocking between 100-200 hits a day, and to me, that’s impressive!

Thank  You Everyone!

My Kyoya desktop background

My Kyoya desktop background

I was trying to rack my brains for what I could do for a 50th post special, and I wanted it to be something pretty awesome. It dawned on me while I was staring at my desktop screen during the thinking session. Quite awhile ago, I was looking for a desktop background, and I wasn’t happy with any of the ones I found. Then I remembered that I’m a graphic designer and made my own. Ha! You can see it here on the right. It’s based around the part in episode 24 of Ouran Highschool Host Club when Kyoya has his epiphany. Right after, Tamaki remarks with, “Wow. Your face, it looks evil. So you’re finally showing your true colors.” The blooming flower painting represents the mural he ended up painting on the wall of his thoughts above the framed “canvas” that he was given in life to “paint the perfect picture.”

Megane Danshi desktop background

Megane Danshi desktop background

So I’ve created a thank you present for everyone who visits the site: a megane danshi desktop background. I’ve included Jade Curtiss (from Tales of the Abyss) and Kabuto Yakushi (from Naruto) along with Kyoya. It features my old tag line for the site “for the love of boys with glasses,” and has the same tea stain ring and ink splatters. It’s 1600 x 1200. To download it, click the image to the right, and it should appear in full screen for you to right-click and “save as.”