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I’m seeing red.

Posted: June 17, 2011 in glasses
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“Megane Danshi″
part 7: Akane

spoilers abound. you have been warned.



So here’s my first megane danshi who is solely in manga (for now): Akane from Soul Eater Not!. Soul Eater Not! is strictly a manga at the present time and is only up to chapter 7. That’s great news if you’re looking to get into a new manga, especially if you liked Soul Eater. Soul Eater Not! is a semi-spin-off of Soul Eater. It takes place in the same universe; in fact, it’s pretty much a prequel. The story revolves around a different heroine and some of her freshman classmates before the events of Soul Eater. But anyway, back to Akane.

He was introduced in the first chapter, and he comes across as a very gifted student who will end up in the advanced class in no time. He strikes the reader as intelligent, advanced in his fighting style, and quintessentially “cool.”

Usually, it takes time for the backstory of a particular character to unfold. For instance, Naruto Uzumaki’s backstory wasn’t revealed until 400 episodes in (and that’s pretty extreme). But for Akane, chapter 6 had his story unfold for the most part, and it also catapults him to the main forefront, whereas before, he was only a prominent side character.

Akane's Star Clan Eyes

Akane's eyes behind his glasses

No surname has been given for Akane yet, but like the heroine, Tsugumi, he is Japanese. He was practically raised in a dojo, learning forms of judo meant for fighting and not sport. He reveals that he doesn’t even need glasses, but he wears them to hide his star shaped pupils, marking him as one of the Star Clan. For those of you who’ve read or watched Soul Eater, you know that Black Star was the last of the Star Clan bandits who went around using their powers to murder and pillage whole towns. Akane is a member of the Star Clan that didn’t go rogue.

Akane is a meister (weapon master) and has a weapon partner named Clay. At the end of chapter 6, he appears to be offering to partner with the heroine, Tsugumi. I guess we’ll find out when chapter 7 is released. I can’t wait!

Now to interrupt with a random train of thought. I find it weird that the name Akane is actually a girl’s name, meaning a brilliant shade of red (hence the post title). Could that be a tie in with his character? Are his eyes actually red? And as he’s a Star Clan member like Black Star, is he perhaps Red Star? Anyway, back to the original program.


Because another picture of Akane is a good idea.

If you were to combine Soul Eater’s Death the Kid and Ouran’s Kyoya Ootori (both of whom I have posts on and really like), you get Akane. Like Kyoya, Akane is intelligent and extremely formal in nature. He calls people solely by their surnames, speaks politely (even to enemies), wears a suit and tie, and sits with perfect posture. Like Death the Kid, he shares a similar style of clothing and was raised to fight to protect people. Akane has stated that he is attending the DWMA academy to learn how to use his abilities for good.

Despite his desire to do good, his intelligence, and his formal presence, I cant help but wonder if he might have an ulterior motive. He has a weapon partner, and then suddenly offers that partnership to Tsugumi after she makes it known to him that she is too much of a coward for the advanced class. He offers the partnership with a promise to protect her, and though they know each other, they aren’t that close.

I wonder if he sees something in her that she (or us) aren’t aware of yet. I could venture a stab at vengeance on the rogue part of his clan, but they’re all gone. Speaking of which, I wonder how he and Black Star will get along. After all, Black Star wears his marking, uncovered, on his upper arm.

If he’s a good guy through and through, that’s cool. If he’s got a darker side behind his good side, even better. If he turns out to be a super evil jerk face, then he can take his place next to Aizen and Kabuto on my heartbreaking wall of shame.

I love this manga, and I can’t wait to see how it plays out, and how Akane fits into it all.